6 Perks of a Government Job – Build Your Dream Career

Government jobs are the dream of the typical middle-class man of the 80’s. But today’s generation looks for an organisation that can give meaning to their lives and help them prepare for a better future. Since a government job doesn’t paint the picture of stimulating and stirring, most of us prefer to opt out for it. But if you are shrewd you would realise that the perks of a government are far too many to look over. The timely salary to the pension to the free time at hand; a government job is a dream on its own.

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But you apparently don’t believe me yet. Listed below are six reasons why a Government job is better than a private job.

Monthly Salary

No matter if the world has the sword of recession hanging by their throats, or even if a private MNC is making more profit than they ever did! You get your assigned salary at the appointed time, every month. The government job guarantee is perhaps more reliable than any other guarantee you would get today.

Just Eight Hours of Work every day!

If you are a bare minimum person, the Sarkari Naukri job timings are perfect for you. You would rarely get extra work at odd hours. And you do have to meet your deadlines, but once the clock strikes ‘hometown’ you can log off and bid work adieu!

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Pension and Packages

A government job is life insurance on its own. You get a pension until you die, so your retirement plan builds on its own.

The packages? Not far away from what an MNC would offer you! The incentives, pay package, residential accommodations, health care for you and your family, dearness allowance (DA) and Travelling Allowance (TA) makes a government job all the more attractive.

And What about the Respect?

Specific government jobs like Minister of External Affairs post you on foreign lands like New York or Switzerland. They pay all your expenses! And who are we kidding, a government official demands a certain level of respect and ardour!

Don’t Forget the Holidays?

Now, they are called government holidays for a reason. You get about 30 paid leaves + 180 days maternity or sick leave. And all expenses paid if you want to visit home during this leave. And the cherry on your cake- government people give you a sabbatical period for you to pursue your higher education.

Other Benefits

Government officials get low-interest rates on loans they take. In fact, RBI or Central Bank of India officials can get loans and education scholarships for their children at reasonable prices. Apart from this government officials also get benefits like free electricity, phone service, vehicle, and housing facilities.

On top of that, all the free time you get at a Sarkari Naukri allows you to prepare for any higher education you intend to pursue.

A government job seems appealing now, doesn’t it?

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