Kangana Ranaut admitted she has Asperger’s Syndrome in emails to Hrithik Roshan

The actress has guaranteed in her emails that she has Asperger’s Syndrome and some of its symptoms include difficulties in understanding emotions and non-verbal communication..

Following the time when we uncovered Kangana Ranaut’s leaked emails to an alleged imposter of Hrithik Roshan in, there has been an exchange about this star fight that has been getting murkier by the day.

  It has been accounted for that Hrithik did not answer to any messages sent by Kangana and even the performing artist has said this in her messages also. In one such email, Kangana cases to have been determined to have Asperger’s Syndrome, having 98% of its indications.

Kangana’s messages likewise demonstrate that she have been imagining the relationship with Hrithik. The performing artist has professedly asserted that the on-screen character made her condition open attempting to increase open sensitivity.

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Whether her interactions with an alleged imposter have been concocted due to her psychological condition cannot be ascertained at this point.


Kangana Hrithik battle leak email

Kangana Hrithik leak email legal battle

Hrithik’s legal team, on the other hand, stood firm on their stand that the actor never had any interest or attraction towards Kangana and there was no relationship between them. Hrithik’s legal team is sure that verification of the emails sent will take place and the truth will come out.

We can only wait and watch as this dirty legal battle takes its own course and has affected both the actors’ careers.

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