Do’s and Don’ts for IBPS PO Interview

Do’s and Don’ts for IBPS PO Interview


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The IBPS PO Interview is the final stage in the selection procedure for IBPS PO Exam, the other two being the Prelims and the Mains respectively.

The interview plays a very vital role for the final selection of a candidate. So, it is very important that a candidate follows some formal rules while avoiding some irrelevant habits. Here some of the DO’s and DON’Ts for this Bank Exam are provided so that the candidates get to act accordingly for the interview.

DO’s for the Interview:

  1. Do be on time.
  2. Do seek permission before entering the interview room.
  3. Do dress smartly and look attentive.
  4. Do greet the interviewers with a proper handshake and speak confidently, politely and clearly.
  5. Do maintain an eye contact with the panelists while speaking.
  6. Do maintain a good posture and body language.
  7. Do be honest about yourself for both the positive and negative points.
  8. Do be prepared before the Interview. Know banking and financial issues beforehand.
  9. Do keep the conversation engaging and listen to the interviewers keenly.
  10. Do thank the panelists after the interview and leave without making any unnecessary noise.


DON’Ts for the Interview:

  1. Don’t knock the door hard before entering the room.
  2. Don’t chew or eat anything while entering the interview room.
  3. Don’t be arrogant or indulge in any argument with the panelists.
  4. Don’t overdo your sense of humor.
  5. Don’t discuss personal issues or problems.
  6. Don’t bring cell-phones in the room. Even if a phone is taken to the room, keep it switched off.
  7. Don’t make any controversial claims about any social or religious issues.
  8. Don’t take long pauses while conversing. It is ok to take a moment of pause before answering a question but taking too long to answer should be avoided.
  9. Don’t be numb during the interview. This shows the lack of interest in the conversation. So, do ask questions at times.
  10. Don’t expose a lack of interest for a particular bank.


Some important tips are also provided here so that the candidates can prepare properly for the interview.

  1. Be well versed with the banking and other financial sectors and current issues.
  2. Know about the Probationary Officer’s roles and duties.
  3. Revamp communication skills and body postures.
  4. Preempt common and expected questions.
  5. Listen to experiences of previous year candidates and attempt mock interviews.


With these aforementioned tips, the candidates are sure to be benefited for their IBPS PO interview.

Be confident and stay focused while attending the interview.


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