Benefits of a Government Job

Benefits of a Government Job – Perks that you never want to Miss

Many people today are crazy about Government jobs. Over 20 years ago the job preferences were completely different. Back then, job seekers were desperate to join large private corporations and MNCs. With so many young talented professionals eager to work with them, many Pharma, Retail, IT and ITES companies started flourishing and met their expansion goals.

But now the scenario in the job market seems to have reversed completely. Lakhs of students prepare for different entrance examinations to ensure employment into the public sector. Be it banking, teaching or the civil services, each of these examinations demand a certain rigour and preparation from its candidates. While lakhs of students apply for these examinations from across the country, only a few thousand succeed in finding employment.

On a side note, Results for NEET 2018 will be declared in the month of June.

So, why this craze over government exams you ask? It may be the social security associated with the job, or maybe the high paying salaries, or the pensions till death, the long vacation days or maybe the fact that government employees get to work the bare minimum.

Listed here are a few perks of a Government job.

  1. Monthly Salaries

Whether there is an economic recession or a period of boom, government employees are ensured their monthly salaries on time. However, in a private job a person will get his salary only if company is making profit, when the company stops making profit the employees may not get their salary.

A government Job is risk-free.

  1. Pension

A government job is a life insurance on its own. You get a pension until you die, so your retirement plan builds on its own. The packages? Not far away from what an MNC would offer you! The incentives, pay package, residential accommodations, health care for you and your family, dearness allowance (DA) and Travelling Allowance (TA) makes a government job all the more attractive.

A slight detour- JEE Main Entrance Card will be released in the month of March

  1. A lot of free time

The workload in a government job is almost negligible. You get a lot of free time and you can do other activities.

One of the best ways to utilize this time is reading books and other such materials that can be helpful in future.

If you want to switch to another job or study further, then you will get plenty of time for preparation. Less workload means less tension when you come back home.

  1. Get Maximum Vacations to Spend

As I said earlier in this article, workload in a government is very less. Hence, you get maximum number of holidays in a year.

A job in a private company offers less holidays. In a year, you get maximum 4 to 5 holidays. But in a government job the holidays you get in a year is greater than any private job.

This is another reason why people want to go for government jobs. For Career Guidance you can refer Getmyuni


  1. Respect

Certain government jobs like Minister of External Affairs post you on foreign lands like New York or Switzerland. They pay all your expenses!

And who are we kidding, a government official demands a certain level of respect and ardour!

There are definitely several advantages of a government job over a job in the private sector.

Now that you know the benefits, what kind of job would you choose?




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