14 Signs Your Child is Head Over Heels in Love with Guitar


Is your child madly in love with guitar? Have you felt the need to enroll your child to guitar classes?

If you are not sure about it, here are some signs that will let you know if your child has fallen for guitar. The love of guitar should be encouraged and turned into something constructive to help children make a successful career out of it.

Here are some sure shot signs that your child has fallen in love with the guitar:

  1. Loves His Lessons

The child talks about the guitar lessons eagerly and want you to know what’s going on. It is only on rare occasions that he wants to skips classes.

  1. The Guitar Holds a Place of Honor at Home

Your child has chosen a special place for guitar at home. He also took a lot of time to do so. Making space for it was a big deal and he did it after a lot of struggle. The attitude shows how much he cares about the instrument

  1. Dreams about Guitar

Guitar is always on your child’s mind. It’s on his mind all day long. Sometimes, he takes it to bed with him.

  1. Will Never Hurt Guitar

How many times have your little one cried because someone had handle his guitar badly, carelessly or even accidentally dropped it down? If your child always takes good care of his guitar and would hate to put even the smallest dent on it, he’s a true guitar fan.

  1. Playing Guitar makes Him Happier

Do you see a smile on your child’s face when he plays guitar or whenever there’s a discussion on guitar? This is one major sign your child loves guitar. Why not help your child take the next step in his relationship with the guitar? Let him the leap and join music classes!

  1. Room is Full of Guitar Photos

He has a huge collection of guitar pictures in his room. Your child loves to collect these pictures and sticks them on everywhere. If yes, then he has definitely given his heart to guitar.

  1. The Guitar has a Name

Yes, the guitar has a pet name. He calls it by this name.

  1. Songs Mean Guitar

He imagines playing songs with guitar. Anything he listens to remind him of the instrument. There are many songs he can play with his favorite instrument.

  1. Thinks of Guitar all the Time

Does he think of guitar all the time? He loves it and would definitely make something great of his life. You just need to extend your support.

  1. Want to Be Together Most of the Time

Of course, your child loves to play with friends, watch cartoons, and indulge in junk food. However, he and the guitar or guitar talks are inseparable. He wants to be with it the moment he’s free. He plays with it at regular intervals.

  1. Practices Well

The child practices really well. He also makes dedicate efforts to impress you, his friends and music teachers with his skills. He is keen on learning new things.

  1. Introduces Guitar to Friends, Guests and Relatives Proudly

Your child introduces guitar with friends and relatives. He’s proud of his possession and loves flaunting it every now and then.

  1. Love Praising Guitar

You’ve recently bought him the instrument and he leaves no chance to speak about how beautiful it is. He simply loves the fact that the beautiful instrument is finally his!

  1. Likes Carrying a Guitar Around

Whether it is a toy guitar or a picture of a guitar, a comic book, or a T-shirt with its picture on, your child and the instrument are inseparable. =====================================================================

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